Paragliding World Championships

July 1st-15th, 2017 - Italy



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The estimated cost to send our U.S. Paragliding Team to participate in this year's World Paragliding Championships is $20,000.

All donations will be processed through the Foundation for Free Flight (FFF) and are IRS 501c3 tax deductible.

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US Paragliding Team

US Paragliding Team

Meet the Team


These pilots have worked hard to get to the World Championships. See the pilots and hear what they're bringing to the competition.

Italy, July 2017

The 2017 World Paragliding Championships will be held near Feltre, Italy from July 1st-15th. This year’s U.S. Paragliding Team includes Josh Cohn, Andy Macrae, Jared Anderson, Cody Mittanck and Brad Gunnuscio. These pilots have worked extremely hard to earn their position on the U.S. Paragliding Team.