US Paragliding Team

Bradley Gunnuscio


Jared Anderson


Flying paragliders, and especially racing, is an absolute passion for me, and the greatest part is sharing the sky with my friends. I have raced with my fellow teammates many times, and it will be a tremendous honor to join these incredibly talented pilots in representing the United States in Italy this July.

Team Leader: Eric Ams


I like Italy.


Andy Macrae


I'm honored to be part of this team. I'm looking forward to putting my new wing and last three years of training to the test in Italy on behalf of the United States. I've discovered that pilots who focus on fun and safety and believe that flying paragliders through the mountains with friends is magic, tend to perform well and continue competing.

Josh Cohn


Attitude is key: It is your reaction to events that determines your happiness more than the events themselves.  While it’s good to be motivated, taking oneself too seriously often sabotages success.