Why Should You Donate?

One of the most common questions we get asked is: "Why should I subsidize your flying adventure?" Or similarly, "You seem to travel around to various competitions throughout the year, why are you suddenly asking for money for this trip?"

Each one of the team members may have different ways to answer these questions, but I think we can all agree on these points:

  • We travel around North America to those smaller competitions in order to qualify for this bigger competition. Generally we take a little over one week out of our schedules to participate in regional and national competitions, and we're often able to drive or take short and inexpensive flights to these competitions. Not a lot of time or money is lost on North American competition participation.
  • The Worlds happens only once every two years (like the X-Alps) and lasts for about 15 days. Every participating country gives a handful of their best pilots to represent that country. If the competition is across many time zones, there is jet-lag to overcome and a new culture to assimilate into. Finding the right food, getting into a daily rhythm and learning about the weather and flying site are all important factors in flying a good competition. Add all of that up, and it's easily 3 weeks out of our lives spent away from family, work, income, etc.
  • Once we've made the team, there is a sense of obligation to show up to the competition. We have no control over where the competition takes place, what month or time of year it happens, etc. For many of us (paragliding instructors and tandem pilots, for example) it is during our busiest time of the season, and so we stand to lose significant income during those three weeks away from home.
  • As any sports psychologist or experienced athlete will acknowledge, performance is at its peak when the mind is allowed to focus on the task at hand - not when it is clouded with ground-based problems such as bills and meetings and work deadlines. Having the competition bills paid allows us to focus on the flying.

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If you would like to donate by check, please make it payable to: "FFF - Paragliding National Team" and mail to:

​Foundation For Free Flight
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Ways To Donate

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All funds raised for the US Paragliding Team will be used to cover the costs associated with the US Paragliding Team pilots and Team Leader's participation in the World Paragliding Championships. US Paragliding Team Pilots receive no pay for representing the United States of America on this world stage. The most common costs associated with the World Paragliding Championships include entry fees, airline travel, lodging and food.

The estimated cost to send our U.S. Paragliding Team to participate in this year's World Paragliding Championships is $20,000.

All donations will be processed through the Foundation for Free Flight (FFF) and are IRS 501c3 tax deductible.

Thank you so much for helping these pilots get to Italy to represent the USA!